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At Lutz AC Repair, we provide not only ac repair. We’re additionally a general Heating and cooling company. Which means we are able to service other parts of your home or office, for example, duct work, air purification, and heating. Throughout the winter, you might have some dangers with fire! We advise you give us a call to preview your ducts and repair them to ensure that throughout the cooler areas of AC, You could have no debris or lint that will become flammable as emergency heat is all of a sudden switched on. Get Free AC repair Estimate Here!

AC Repair commercial and residential

AC Repair commercial and residential AC Installations. If you are a house owner or business proprietor searching to purchase a brand new AC call HouseTechPlus AC Repair shop you can rely on that you’re purchasing state of the art technology. Including the smart thermostats Thermostat, which provides you with the strength of innovation and controls out of your smartphone! Save energy and optimize efficiency with these new items.

AC Installations

When installing or replacing a central heat and air system, the SEER rating (Periodic Energy-efficiency Ratio) is very important. The efficiency of readily stored away shown by the SEER rating. Years back, units were rated 8 or lower. New units should have a rating of 14 or greater and a few units are rated up to 23. Installing of one with a rating of least 16 is extremely suggested. Greater rated units tend to be more costly but greater than purchase themselves with time. Utility company and/or tax savings might be readily available for the greater rated units Lutz AC Repair   visa mastercard discover american express